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We provide the best service like a hospital at your home

We look after every patient with utmost
care and concern to home like confort and treatment 24x7 nursing care

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Best Nursing Services

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24X7 Hour Nursing Care

We are ready to provide you a 24X7 health care service at your home / our centers

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Our Services


Old Age Care

We provide you with caring, compassionate, and trained attendants to look after the elderly at your home. Our staff intended to provide comfort to the elderly affected by aging and other relative health issues.

nursing care

Nursing Care

Sanjivani home health care provides nursing care to patients that have undergone medical procedures requiring nursing assistance at home, We are here to provide all types of care to all age groups

baby care

Baby Care

We provide baby care services at home, we monitor and nurture your baby. so that you can easily work without concern, baby care is extremely essential for your growing infant. Our nurses are trained to look after your baby



Our staff are certified and experienced in pain management and are readily available to take care of the patient's sports injuries, back pain, paralysis, chest Physiotherapy, etc


Oxygen Cylinder

We sanjivani home health care are providers of all types of oxygen cylinders to our customers at proper market-leading prices like portable oxygen cylinders, static oxygen cylinders, etc



We provide a wide variety of injections such as insulin, vaccines, and botox at proper market-leading prices.Intravenous injection(IV), Intramuscular injections(IM) are also available



Our Nurses and staff are well trained and well qualified with ample of experience to provide in-home IV infusions. In Our infusion at home service, the nurses are trained to administer IV infusion in a sterile process



Dressings make it easier to maintain the moisture balance needed for optimal wound healing. We ensure that you receive healthcare services in the comfort of your home with expert nurses who look after your wound



Our Centre provides proper feeding services for patients to gain adequate nutrition and medication, especially for those who are unable to eat and drink. we provide all type of ryles tube depending on needs



We offer to help you have urinary catheterization conveniently at your place. our trained staff prevents the risk of pressure injuries, tripping, and any other problems when providing urinary catheterization treatment at home to the patients


Medical Equipment

We offer a wide range of medical equipment for rent/purchase, at your doorstep at a market-leading price. we provide equipment like a walker, wheelchair, Splint, Lumber belt, BP Test, Etc



We provide all types of pathological or general testing services at our center or on your doorstep at optimum affordable market prices, some of our services include ECG, Covid Testing, Blood Testing, X-ray reports, etc